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We believe in the transformative power of human-driven innovation. In a world dominated by technology, we recognize that the true architects of progress are the individuals who shape ideas and drive change. This is why we view robots not as a replacement for human ingenuity but as a crucial ally, that can liberate us to really focus on innovation instead of repetitive and low-value tasks.

Our Mission

To develop proprietary technology that frees humans from repetitive tasks, enabling a focus on innovation and high added-value activities.

The Company

A spin-off of University of Porto, we are a hard-tech start-up developing disruptive solutions that enable manufacturers solving the hardest picking problems across demanding industries like textile, medical and electronics.

Our patent-pending technology, PoleAttraction™, allows robots to effectively and efficiently grasp things that other technologies, like vacuum suction or other electromechanical techniques, are not likely to handle without creating some kind of damage on the materials.

PoleAttraction™ technology is 100% Made in Portugal and capable of handling very delicate materials like medical fabrics, high added-value leathers, or even thin solar cells used for solar energy production. This innovation has very little power requirements, making it one of the most energy-efficient technologies in the world.

The Present

Based on PoleAttraction™, we have developed a cutting-edge robotic gripper that had its world premiere at 2021 Web Summit conference in Lisbon.
This innovative robotic hand is changing the game not only by allowing efficient handling of delicate materials but also because it could expand the use of robots in industries that have been very labor-intensive until today.
“We are seeing increased interest from companies that are excelling in their area with amazing human operators but are looking for ways to supplement existing non-ergonomic and highly repetitive labor tasks through automation. These companies are looking for an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play tool that does not compromise on reliability and effectiveness”.

We see three major business
opportunities in the long term


Composite fabrics

Premium leathers

Porous materials


Nonwoven products

Gauze swabs

Sterile fabrics


Electronics & solar cells

Paper & flexible films

Glass & ceramics